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Life is full of important goals. Make your retirement one of them.

Retirement & Legacy Information

Financial security handled personally


After hearing about the features of a Fixed index annuity, the most common reaction is, “this sounds too good to be true!”  Income for life, no risk, a guarantee against loss! The reality is that these annuities perform very well and it’s all true. They are sold in every state of the union. These annuities are analyzed and approved by state insurance departments and if they’re not approved, they may not be offered for sale. In 2014, forty six billion dollars of fixed index annuities were sold in this country. Your stock-stockbroker doesn’t like them, because he would prefer to sell you stocks.

Financial preparation for the future


A guaranteed financial vehicle offered by insurance companies. Designed to provide tax-deferred growth, with no risk of loss. Annuities provide a guaranteed stream of cash for your retirement that you cannot outlive. Upon the owner’s passing, every penny goes to their designated beneficiaries immediately — by passing probate. The company never keeps your money! Annuities are not only guaranteed by the issuing insurance company, but their guarantee is further backed up by your state’s 'Guarantee Association' with their own individual guarantee. In effect you have a double guarantee of safety!

Financial happiness revolves around strategy


Guarantee against loss; enjoy guaranteed income for the rest of your life that you and your spouse cannot outlive — with the highest interest earning potential in the country and tax deferred growth. Contact us today to learn more.

— C.S. (Newtown, PA)
Jerry helped me roll over a portion of my 401K into an annuity. This allowed for my investments to be more diversified. Jerry's knowledge in this industry is terrific and we have recomended him to several of our friends and family!
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